a day in grade 10

In the morning, we start at 8:25 am. Every morning, we have four lessons lasting 50 minutes. Between two lessons, we have 5 minutes of break. At 10:10 am, there is a break that lasts about 25 minutes. After the break we go back to the classroom for two other lessons. For lunch, we finish at 12:15 am. Then, after eating and having a one-and-a-half-hour break, we return for 3 lessons, and at 3:30 pm, we have a short break of 10 minutes, we return to the classroom for 1 lesson, and we finish at 4:30 pm. On Thursday, one week out of two, we end at 3:30 pm, instead of 4:30 pm. Every Wednesday, we do not work during the afternoon and we finish at 12:15 am. At La Ville Davy, there are two grade 10 groups. There are twenty students and 10 boarders in each class.

In grade ten we have ten different subjects, two options : Economy and social studies , ecology , agriculture , sustainable development. We start at 8h25 and we finish at 16h30, we never have lessons on Wednesday aferternoon

In grade ten we have 4 lessons of history a week. We make presentations on renewable energy or water needs in the world. We also learn about the fifth Republic and about Rome in the fourth century. History lessons are interesting in spite of few controls that are less amusing !

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