Exploitation annexée
the school farm
Robin : The farm is composed of the cowshed, the pigsty, the stable and the workshop. There are 3 farmers working on this farm. The dairy herd is composed of 50 cows and calves, there are 10 Normans cows and 40 Prim’Holstein. There are 2 sheds and one corn silo. Yannick works on this (...), suite

« Welcome to the pedagogic farm »
The agricultural school’s will is to link the theory and practical use. It allows to have a working tool, and a concrete educational support. It’s a support which evolves according to the educational reforms. It also adapts itself to the environmental context, to the pedagogical requirement and (...), suite

Présentation de l’exploitation
« Bienvenue à la ferme pédagogique » La volonté de l’enseignement agricole est de concilier l’apport théorique et la mise en situation pratique. Cela permet d’avoir un outil de travail et un support pédagogique concret. C’est un support qui évolue au gré des réformes pédagogiques. L’exploitation s’adapte (...), suite

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